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About Wiklöf Holding

Wiklöf Holding Ab, founded in 1987, is 100 per cent owned by Councillor of Commerce Anders Wiklöf. The Group comprises over 20 companies operating in the sectors of logistics, hall construction, helicopter services, real estate ownership, trade and tourism. Furthermore, the Group owns, together with the principal shareholder, approximately 20 per cent of Ålandsbanken Abp.

The objective of the Group is to conduct long-term and sustainable business operations with extensive profitability. This is achieved by a balance between innovation and cautiousness, large business diversification, and active corporate governance based on continuous dialogue between the Group management and the subsidiary managements.

Financial information

In 2022, the Group had a turnover of 360 million Euro
The operating profit was over 13 million Euro
Number of employees: 630


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Wiklöf Holding